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read or skim; your choice

I read. A lot. And not all of what I read is written by Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen and Chuck Dickens. This article about website hosting companies is an excellent read. If you're a business owner and looking for hosting, check out this article from WP Mayor. If it's too long, here's the short version: Don't put your website in the hands of just any old hosting company. Save yourself some major grief and do … Read More...

How I got here

This is Bill. In 1997 when we were both working at the Department of Natural Resources in Spooner, Wisconsin, Bill showed me this strange new thing called the Internet. He typed out a sample of this language called HTML and presto! A web page appeared. Of course, what we know as the Internet didn’t exist then, so I had no idea what the future held. I’d once worked in the print industry and he said I’d be a natural at this. Thus began my 20-year career in websites. It would be an understatement … Read More...

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