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Two Google changes you need to know right now

Google has made two very important changes during the past couple of years. If your website does not comply with these rules, you won’t rank as high as your competitors in the search results. In some cases you may fall off the search results entirely. Make your site mobile-friendly The first is that Google is now using Mobile-Friendly as a ranking signal. In other words, if your website is not “elastic” so it can stretch and shrink to fit large monitors and small cell phones, Google will … Read More...

new year’s revolution

It’s that special time of year again. You know, January when you and QuickBooks stare at each other across the keyboard with the past year’s profit and loss report on the screen. No matter how you tweak those columns the result still looks the same. The question is what can you do this coming year to boost that bottom number? Advertising has become a snarl of options with social media, websites, direct mail, billboards and dozens of other outlets clamoring for your attention. How do you even … Read More...

heads up website owners

I love infographics. You know, those things that explain complicated concepts with illustrations? As I’ve said before, I constantly visualize stuff in my head. Years ago, while in a conversation with the IT people at work, I was obsessed with knowing exactly where our corporate server lived. They kept saying it really didn’t matter where servers sat on the earth; wherever they were the files were available. I finally figured out why I was so desperate to know where the server physically existed … Read More...

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