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Something’s missing

Google has removed the side ads on their search pages. That familiar list of advertisers has been there for years. Google is now publishing four ads at the top of the page instead of three, leaving that right column strangely empty.   There are many theories about why Google made this change. (Google seldom tells us why they do things.) We'll see how it affects the way search works for your business. Let me know what you think. … Read More...

Pardon me. Am I bothering you?

Let's talk about email spam. There's a huge difference between spam -- selling a product that begins with V, for example -- and offering customers helpful and engaging content. I can't put the V word in an email because the message wouldn't get to you. It's a spam trigger -- meaning it won't meet the strict standards that keep spam from your inbox. The Can Spam Law. . . . . . went into effect in 2003. Here's part of it: The backronym CAN-SPAM derives from the bill's full name: Controlling … Read More...

quick, simple search

You can search any page or document on your computer by pressing Ctrl + F (that's the letter F or f -- cap or lower case) So, you've got a web page in front of you that's 100 feet long. Hit Ctrl F and type your word into the small search box that appears. It'll be at the top right. Easy to miss because it's little. You can do this in Word docs, pdf's, Excel spreadsheets. Just about anything. … Read More...

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